deals$72: nationwide airfare sale


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$72* & up -- Nationwide Flight Sale; Book Today (R/T, w/Tax)*

Updated 2/5/2013
This week, major airlines introduced a fresh round of fare sales and unadvertised price reductions. Scoop up flights to top destinations nationwide today, starting at just $72 roundtrip, including taxes.

These fares are up to $150 off regular roundtrip pricing.

Use the links below to's Low Fare Calendars to easily find the best dates to travel through April. Availability varies by route:

San Diego - Las Vegas ... $72
Fort Lauderdale - Orlando ... $88
Los Angeles - Las Vegas ... $98
Boston - Washington, D.C. ... $98
Washington, D.C. - Ft. Lauderdale ... $114
San Francisco - San Diego ... $118
Atlanta - Orlando ... $138
Seattle - San Francisco... $148
Phoenix - Las Vegas ... $162
Indianapolis - Denver ... $174
New York City - Miami ... $175
Los Angeles - Seattle ... $178
Boston - Chicago... $192
San Francisco - New York City ... $218
Chicago - San Francisco ... $238
Dallas - San Francisco ... $238


It's amazing that they keep putting travelzoo up even though it consistently receives around 200+ downvotes almost every time.


Have we got a deal for YOU?! For the simple act of giving us your contact information, we will let you see some of the deals that we have to offer you...and we will do so frequently, even though most of the spam that we send to you will be of not interest to you. In order to inundate you with as much marketing information as possible, we also share your name with affiliates and 'partners' which we may loosely define as somebody that we do transaction with. We will also give your contact information to a third party company that we pay to distribute spam. We can't directly control their actions or stop them from losing your list, or compromising your contact information, or selling, bartering, posting it or otherwise giving it to others - but we don't think they would do that.


For the love of Pete, STOP POSTING THESE! Yes, I just shouted! This isn't a deal. It's a bait and switch.


Straight from their "Privacy Policy:"

•Travelzoo may combine the information that we collect about you with information that we obtain from business partners or other sources.
•Travelzoo may collect information about your transactions with us and our business partners through our Services.
•Furthermore, when you use our Services, we receive and record information from your computer and browser, including your IP address, Travelzoo cookie information, the type of software and hardware you are using and the Web page(s) you visit.

•Travelzoo does not rent or sell personal information about you with third parties, however, we reserve the right to share the personal information we collect about you through our Services with third parties when we have your permission.

They have your permission from the second you enter in your personal information.


Not sure why all the hate on Travel Zoo. I've been a member for several years and all I get is one email every Wednesday with a list of top 20 deals. No partner emails, no popups nothing else that would annoy someone.
I have found out about some unbelievable deals there such as a 2 week European cruise on NCL's best ship, ocean-view, for $700. Reg price was like $2500 at the time.
There is no bait and switch going on when someone says "as low as". How else are they supposed to advertise a price? If you are "baited" by that then you aren't real bright in the first place and shouldn't have any money.
Your paranoia is getting to you - put down the pipe.


You suck, travelzoo!


@colbytitus: Did you actually buy anything you found on the website? Or actually try to buy one of these flights? If somebody can actually prove they got a flight from San Diego to Las Vegas for $72 please let me know and I'll upvote it next time around, if not I'll stick with thinking they're a bait and switch company.


@eraten: Have I bought a flight? No. But I have bought several other things from them. Mostly vacation packages. I have never had any problems using them, and it always saves me money!


i just got sucked in the $172 promo was really $1049 when I typed in

Who put this up? Exile them!!!!!


@eraten: Travelzoo doesn't actually sell anything except it's own form of groupon for local deals on food/entertainment/etc. It's an aggegater, like for flights, so you don't buy the advertised trips from travelzoo, but yes, I have bought travel that I found on their site more than once. To me it's an invaluable resource in general, however, I have no interest in finding out if this particular deal is any good.