dealsotterbox defender series case & holster belt clip…


How is an iPhone case refurbished? Is the plastic new, but the silicone from a model where the plastic broke, or vice-versa?


Maybe they were returns? I still would not want a used one....


Bought this deal a few weeks ago.
Didn't like the way it fit.
Little flap over the plug doesn't stay shut, and then is in the way when you charge it.
Overall it doesn't fit my charging stand, so it goes in the reject box.
Which is probably why it was a 'refurb' in the first place.


I work in a tough environment and my Otterbox case has preserved my 4S nicely. Can take a beating, then can remove it in just a few seconds to make the phone smaller for use with my docking station.
A lot of the Otterbox cases on the market are counterfeit, and I would suspect at this price there's a great chance these are not "real" ones.


i've left my phone on top of my car and started driving away and my otterbox case literally saved my iphone because it stuck onto my rear window.

that and once a week it falls from off of my lap onto concrete when i get out of my car.

absolute lifesaver, and the plastic over the screen doesnt affect it at all.

im in love with otterbox products.


all colors out of stock now.