dealssix pack party belt for $19.99 + free shipping


This is neither sexy, nor, lingere, nor free. Thumbnail does not contain any skin. Interesting experiment. Lets see what the mods tag it, LOL. Good luck, this should be interesting.
Original tag: beer.

1st tag is category = clothing
2nd tag is item = beer-belt

It is funny and interesting how merchandise changes in the search for popularity, yes?


They will down vote it since it wont fit 5 hour energy or Red Bull...
Opps.. Spoke to soon...


A camouflage fanny pack to carry your beer while hunting? This may be why you aren't getting any deer.


@mybestuser1: Not a better deal, just a cheaper product. This belt is much better quality.


@ohcheri: The only way this belt is better is if it includes beer. PS I did not down vote you.


@mybestuser1: I would be the best belt if it included beer :-)

But it is in fact a better quality product than the flimsy belt they are selling on Amazon.


Can you get one of your models to model it.


@mybestuser1: I think some of these girls would fall over if you strapped a six pack to them, this is a more girly choice:


Interesting that the other deal is for an inferior product, being that it has a nearly identical description.

"Constructed from durable ballistic nylon, in green army camo. Features quick-snap buckle and adjustable size belt strap."



You don't really want to see a 58" waist model until after at least these six beers are empty.