dealsdoctor who: the david tennant years for $69.99…


Be sure to read the comments section. I guess it is packaged poorly and there are some issues with scratched disks.


Love the tags. Assuming they'll be changed, here they are for posterity:
doctor-who allonsy timey-wimey who-cares-if-its-streaming-on-netflix this-is-much-more-sonic


I'm in for one, packaging issues or not. I've been looking at getting some Doctor Who for a while, but they're so expensive! This is a great deal. If I must, I'll cut the disks out and purchase some clear cases for them. I'm after the disks, not the packaging. For THIS price, I'm willing to put up with horrible packaging.


Currently negotiating with my fiancee on this one so that she doesn't kill me when it shows up on our doorstep. Transparency: the key to not getting murdered in your sleep.


Well I feel jipped, lol. I just bought this for my girlfriend for $105 from Amazon a few days ago. It hasn't even shown up yet. Any chance I can get the difference back from Amazon?


I just called up Amazon and because they haven't full processed by payment (even though its already been charged on my end) they're crediting me the $35 difference.

Also, the $69.99 deal from Amazon is out of stock and there's a 9-12 business day wait until new stock arrives, FYI.


Yeah, I can't pass this up. Don't care if the cases aren't the best; I just need more 10 in my life (on a more permanent basis since Netflix can't be trusted).