dealsroku 2 xd and 2 xs streaming players - $10 off


Even though I said to my girlfriend the other day when Woot had the Roku for $50 she should get it but no no she's fine. Now today I get the text "I want a Roku thingy!" -__- ... haha Thank you for posting this, in for one


If you have Prime for free shipping, the 2 XS is actually $5 cheaper on Amazon than the sale price at Roku:

Personally, I wish they had skipped on Angry Birds (which I can play on every other electronic device I own) and kept the digital audio output.


It's sad they didn't also have them able to stream your networked HD Files.


Hmm, I bought the 50 Dollar XD gen1 on woot the other day. Did I miss out on much by not getting this XD? Keep in mind, I'm not worried about playing games. I have a PC for that.