dealsmen'€™s reebok mesh athletic shorts for $7.99…


You can never have enough shorts.


Code "LOYAL5" for 5% off makes if 7.59.

I got some of these last time they were on sale there.
Seem like solid shorts, I've only worn then a couple times since it's winter...

They have pockets.

I wish they had small though.


Just so you people know and I am speaking from experience these are not authentic Reebok shorts. They are made very cheap and run very small on top of that. I bought 4 pairs of these a few weeks ago from the same site, now I am sending them back. Each pair had a different looking Reebok symbol and none of them compared to some previous Reeboks I already had. One more piece of evidence: the shorts never said "Reebok" anywhere on them, the outside and inside tag just said "Rbk". Yeah they are shorts, but definitely not legit Reeboks. Save your money if you're expecting the real McCoy.


@bradleeb: RBK has been used for some time now, I have seen Reebok RBK and sometimes just the logo by itself.

Does the tag have anything else on it?
Where is it made? Mine says Thailand.

Its hard to believe they would advertise them as being Reebok and not be authentic for legal reasons but not unheard of either.


*eeek- I am just telling you my opinion. Reebok usually puts the "Reebok" name somewhere on shorts even if they use the "Rbk" logo. All 3 of my other authentic ones do. They look fake and I had 3 other people look at these and they thought the same thing. I don't know what the country they were made in, but the symbol just didn't look right which made me inspect them a little closer. Then, I noticed the outside attached tag looked fake, it was just gray with the letters "Rbk" with no retail barcode or anything else. Even if they are real, which I am 99.999 % sure they aren't, the stitching was done incorrectly on at least 2 out 4 of my pairs that I bought. And to answer your last question, I don't know how they can sale these and get away with it. The lady I talked to on the phone at Customer Service said they should be the real deal, but they would give me a full refund on my purchase.