dealsred lace bodystocking with peekaboo cups for $13…


@hobbitss: How cool is that...and it only took 13 hours! Too bad people don't check the Popular tab like they used to.


@ohcheri did woot change the rules and stop displaying your listings on the fresh page?


@nemowolf: We still appear on the Fresh tab, the last deal I posted was 5 hours ago so it's currently on page 3 of Fresh.

What they have done is manipulated the tag system so anything tagged #sexy or #lingerie can not be on the Top tab. It can still make Popular but requires a lot more votes, clicks etc. to get there.


@ohcheri: Thats kinda garbage ... While i can see things from their vantage that they don't want to suddenly be flooded by amazing lingerie you post, it hurts you in that retail avenue because you cant get the coverage you deserve.