dealsmicrosoft nsf-00001 wireless controller - xbox…


this is a stupid deal. 30 bucks shipping? bs why not just be honest about the price and not hose people on shipping. the dishonesty alone keep me from this, but it's not even a good deal. even new(it doesnt say) i can find them in person just as cheap.


Did you eat paint chips when you were a kid?


The title is misleading on this deal. The ACTUAL price is $29.99, with additional shipping of $0.99.


@craigleslie: I misread it the same way at first. It's saying it's 29.99 with .99 cent shipping. A $1 controller with $30 shipping would be hilarious though.


When deals.woot! first started everyone used to put the shipping price in the title. Most people requested the shipping price be listed in the title also so I try to put it in there when I can.


@coondogg97: The problem isn't that you included shipping. The problem is your syntax.


@caisburning: And that is why I am not a rocket scientist.

EDIT: One of the many reasons as to why I stink.


@caisburning: His "syntax" may not have been perfect, but anyone of low intelligence or higher should be able to discern what it means. Its very simple.


29.99 for the controller alright, but my shipping to colorado is $7.29? Is there a promo code?


@faaaaq: I don't disagree with you. I understood perfectly well. It appears as though others were struggling with how it was written, however.


@coondogg97: It is quite apparent who, if anyone, was the paint chip eater.


Of course, the first time I read it I got something totally convoluted before re-reading. I somehow thought it was saying something along the lines of:

(rephrased so you can understand what I initially understood) "XBox 360 + Controller - (i.e. minus) XBox 360 for $99 plus 29.99 shipping."

I blame it on the end of the day? The syntax wasn't bad, just my brain.


I misread it as well. Thought it was pretty funny myself. I mean either way it would work out to the same price anyhow. I do have a college education, I swear!