dealsh&r block at home deluxe 2012 [download] for $16…


Same price I paid Amazon last year at this time for the 2011 version.

(I keep using it, ever since the year I missed $400 that was due me. I received a check from the IRS (now THAT's not normal) about 6 months after I filed manually because I was too cheap to pay for the electronic transfer software. Zing!)


If you're comfortable doing your own taxes, I can't say enough to recommend (Yes, it sounds like a scam website, but it's on the IRS's own list of free filing services!) I've used them for several years. They are VERY detailed and hold your hand the whole way through. If something looks fishy, they'll pop up an alert so you can double-check your work.

Also, if you live in an area with state income tax, you can file that for $9.95. H&R Block wants 28 bucks! H&R also wanted to up-charge me to include 1066 earnings, which FTUSA does for--you guessed it--free. Plus, H&R wasn't nearly as intuitive for me. (Note, I'm talking about H&R's browser-based online service. I don't know about the software.)

If you really want it, you can get the deluxe edition for $5.95, which is basically skips you to the front of the line for customer support, gives you help if you're audited, and lets you file unlimited amended returns.