dealsamazon kindle fire 8.9" hd 16gb for $219.99…


That's a pretty amazing price. $220 for a 9" tablet? In for one.


I own both 7 and 8.9 inch KF HD.

I'd suggest you go for the 7 inch.

3 reasons:
8.9 inch is slow and laggy, the cpu is definitely not enough for this kind of high resolution screen.
sound quality: BIG difference. 8.9inch does not have the same rich sound as the 7 inch. google it so many people complain about that. I contacted amazon about this issue and they admit the 8.9 inch sound is weaker and they said they are working on that.
wifi issues: this big brother wifi connection is nowhere near as good as the 7 inch. I could not stream HD videos at my home while the 7 inch stream just fine. Called amazon 3 times about this issue too. Again, google it if you dont believe me.
I sold the 8.9 inch and kept the 7 inch KF HD.


@taimeili:Is the bigger one ok for general web browsing and reading? I was thinking of getting one for a gift and thought the bigger screen would be nice. It would be used with a slow connection speed and no streaming.


@pattiq: You may as well get the 7" KF1 if you're not going to use a KFHD for HD viewing.


Anyone have insight into installing stock android and getting play store on this? Is it difficult? Do apps run properly?


@aphroat: I own the KF-2, and while I'm very happy with it, the 7" KF HD isn't much more expensive and does offer a faster processor, much better sound, and a few extra bells and whistles such as Bluetooth and a camera..

I would probably go with the 7" HD if I had to do it over, but as is, I'm not going to replace my KF.


Deal is dead, price is back to 269


Get also a rebate 4% on purchase at BestBuy and other stores