dealspac-man deluxe child costume for $43.00


Dress your kid up as this, give 'em a power pellet, and they can chase around the other kids dressed as ghosts.


Has anyone noticed that they cut the kid's head out of the picture?

If you take a look at their other views, you can see what it actually looks like. Really creepy though.


I'm not sure it looks like Pac-Man. Maybe something from the Muppet Show?


@evannerash: That's because there's no "kid" in the costume in the picture. That's like laying out a shirt on your bed and saying they cut off the head and arms :)


If only they had Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde costumes, that would cool as a group!


@evannerash: yeah it looked really weird without a head. and to @tsfisch i dont think they implied for it to look empty, its got a pose and everything. do you pose your shirts on the bed? there's clearly a figure in the main image, with a head missing. i think they did it to make it look more like pacman. i think its bad marketing. it was obvious there was a head missing with the arms up so high. they shouldve lowered the arm slots and made you actually look throughout the head.


More info about the costume: The bodysuit can be worn with the head covered or exposed which coordinates gloves and bootcovers. The image2 and image3 for the costume shows how it looks like!