dealsblack & decker brew 'n go personal coffeemaker…


$14 shipping for me, lame


@czupik: How's that? Where do you live???


Highly recommend this for coffee drinkers who don't have to share. Makes about two cups of coffee.

Cup gets hot, though, and doesn't keep the coffee hot for very long.


Yeah, I had one of these on my desk when they took away our coffee service in the office.

Pros: Brews fast, reusable filter is durable, automatic shutoff when done brewing.

Cons: Cup is poorly insulated and plastic lined (it never quite loses that coffee smell). I also found it a little top heavy and easy to knock over. Fine ground coffee will clog the filter.

The coffee just brews onto the lid and drips down into the cup. Sometimes, coffee residue would accumulate there and, if you weren't careful when drinking, you'd wind up with a brown smudge on your nose. Small nosed people probably don't have to worry.


I've had one of these for nearly 20 years and I love it! It's perfect for those who always want a freshly made cup of coffee, but don't want the expense of a k-cup machine and products. I kept mine in my office and made at least two cups a day, five days a week and it's still going strong. I bought one for my husband who travels and doesn't care for hotel room coffee. With no glass parts, you can stuff this in a suitcase with no concerns about it shattering. I'm not sure about this newer model, but mine allows me to use any coffee mug or cup that will fit under the dispenser, and will make just as much coffee as that mug holds. This is one of my favorite gadgets!


own 2 of these, 1 at home, 1 at work, both 6+ years old and working great.