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I'm always hesitant to buy jewelry online since I'm worried it will look cheap... but I think this would make a cute (and inexpensive) birthday gift for someone with a July birthday that I don't want to spend a lot of money on.

Now to just find an inexpensive matching necklace and I'll be set!


@kristiwsu: You will not be sorry, we sell quality jewelry. Have a great day.


I know it's a matter of semantics, but it seems much more appropriate for these "deals" to say the earrings cost $5.99, and shipping is free. Especially since shipping is charged again for each pair ordered.

Cause I'm pretty damn sure it doesn't cost $59.90 to ship 10 pairs of earrings.



It's not mere semantics: if someone wants to return these, they get back what they paid, less shipping.


@baqui63: Revised: Refunds will be provided for the original purchase price, including shipping. Just let us know with-in 7 days of delivery. Thank you @baqui63.


@novastarj: Yes, you are correct. It does not cost $59.90 to ship 10 pairs of earrings, unless you buy them from our site. All businesses have business plans, just like the items you list or sell. We promise all customers that our jewelry is quality, and that our customers service is excellent. Also If you purchase 2 items of this deal, we will ship a free gift with it. Thank you.



Hey. Very nice. You just got a +1 in my book.

For the record, I didn't have a problem with your previous policy and, had either or both of my daughters wanted them, I would have ordered these. (Daughter#2 is getting a pair of the simulated diamond studs from a few days ago.)


@baqui63: Sounds good. Email us... and let us know when you place your next order, and we will be happy to add a 1 time free gift with any (single) purchase for that day. Have a wonderful day, and have a Happy New Year.