dealsea week - may 2011 on steam for $0.00


This shouldn't have the for $0.00 in the title. It is very misleading.


@segafanalways: it's a week of deals, so each day the deal will change and so will the price. the URL link takes you to the page which shows the deals at large.

if you prefer, put $2.50 in your mind and start there, as the list of items will be at least that or higher. for instance, Need for Speed: Undercover is part of today's deal at $2.50: or

do you feel you are being duped since it's doesn't say some variable price? if that's the case, i'd suggest making a suggestion to deals dot woot to add variable pricing. as it stands, i'm behind my post. i don't see the value in adding a price if the post contains multiple deal prices.


@jockovonred: You just don't put anything in the price spot and nothing will show up. If you put zeros like you did then it says its for $0.00 which makes it sound free.