dealsstainless steel flask for $0.00


Batman knife and a flask, Hell Ya!


Yep, Batman knife @ $9.99 shoulda been mentioned in the deal for sure!


(waits for someone to complain about shipping...)


@drjing: It'll come, don't worry.

Definitely in for one, flasks are awesome. Free just makes it better!


I don't understand why people aren't reviewing the right colum on Woot labeled "Similar Deals". How about saving yourself money and buying it on Amazon for $4.60 plus free shipping for everyone or I can pay $4.85 and use my Prime membership and get it in 2 days. Both cheaper for the same size 8 oz. Click on the Amazon similar deal link to see the updated price and save money.


Because shipping is free via 13deals, Chief. If you need your flask sooner, you have larger problems.


Amazon for $4.15 + free shipping WITH a Bonus Funnel (the funnel is a huge bonus.. supremely difficult to hit that little hole when pouring lol)

I was going to just post the link to Amazon, but I got yelled at last time I did that, so I posted it as a "deal" heh:

$4.15 + free shipping w/ free funel


@drchops: You quite enjoy the word "heh" ey?


@m1lgram: Nope. $4.95 shipping via 13deals, chief.


I can't get anything ordered! Keeps making me sign in. Been trying for 10 minutes now. Has anyone actually ordered anything from the site?


@mortar235: What makes you say that?

And let me just add: Really weird question. HEH. :)

(And for those keeping track at home -
"Heh" count on this deal: 1
"Heh" count on the linked deal: 0
Total "Heh's": 1)


@mortar235: I have the distinct feeling I'm never going to get an answer to that question.

...that is to say, I had the distinct feeling. I feel as though my odds have improved after saying this. :)


@thepacezoo: Order from 13deals all the time and they have good customer service too.


I don't get the "Jammin Club Bonus Discount" of 5%... If I remember anything from math class, 5% of 0 is... well, 0. Just my $.02


Don't forget to add the doggie snuggie (or more if you have more than 1 dog) for FREE as well (while they last) on their pet site. Free flask and dog snuggies for just a one time $4.99 shipping fee. Awesome deal thanks for posting!!!!


@drchops: After seeing some of your other comments I've noticed many end with "heh".


@mortar235: Did you seriously downvote that comment? That just amplified your strangeness.


@drchops: Nope I didn't downvote anything in this thread I believe.