dealscrocs™ work bistro vent clog for $19.99 + shipping


The downvotes are just ridiculous. These are comfortable and great for work. Got in on this deal a few days ago; stacked codes YAYF2012 and FSCROCS to get 25% off and FS. Worked then, dunno if it still works.

A more female version here:,default,pd.html?cid=067&cgid=work-shoes


Actually, these have some pretty bad reviews, unlike the Rx relief series. No shock about the downvotes.


The code, CHEF, lets you buy these $44 shoes for $19.99. And the code, FSCROCS, gives you free shipping! Great deal!


The CHEF, YAYF2012 and FSCROCS all stack for $14.99 and free shipping, just bought a pair. I don't know if I'd wear in my kitchen(those vents would collect every bit of splashed water/grease/stock etc) but they'll be great for front of the house or around the house.


I wear these exact shoes to work every day, and I love them! They are extremely comfortable and durable. I just bought a new pair for full price recently, but at $16.05 w/tax and free shipping, I'm getting another pair for a spare.


just got them for 15 bucks and free shipping, just as claimed. I guess black is the only color? but they're crocs for 15 bucks.


Great for yard work, just hose them off.


This will be my second pair, I love them for yard work or running errands. My other pair are white so this black pair will be great for the yard. I have flat feet (over pronator) so these Crocs haven't been ideal for all day use and I also noticed I wear 11 in Crocs vs 12 in regular shoes. Don't compare crocs to the cheap brands, I own the Airwalk ones and the heal is horribly narrow. I can now trash the Airwalks because my flat feet have warped the heel beyond repair.


Just stacked all three coupons and got them for $14.99. Great deal- can't beat it anywhere. If you are a half-size, go down in size instead of up - they do run large.


@jordanrinke: Thanks for that, I just bought two pairs for the exact same reason. Good to hear that these are great to use for gardening.


I have seen numerous people slip and eat pavement while wearing crocs. I don't understand the appeal. And they're marketed as non-slip, too.


@zuiquan: Yeah, I have a pair of Bistros and took a spill on the ice last winter. The person at the Crocs store where I bought them said they were good in winter, too. They are nice indoor shoes, but I don't wear them outside anymore.


> And they're marketed as non-slip, too.
That is what the problem is..... They don’t slip, they stop.
Google Crocs Escalators
Google Crocs Accidents
Some really scary pictures and stuff


Its non-slip for oil and grease, not ice and snow. The soles are like that of restaurant shoes.The holes are stupid though since oil and grease will still get into your socks