dealssony playstation 3d display for $199.99 + free…


No extended warranty being offered, cannot take the chance of it stop working after 1 year.


How would this be for use as a PC monitor?


What about SquareTrade? Those cover everything universally, though honestly it may be at a higher cost. I'm unsure as I've never toyed with them prior.

I just set aside a small amount of money yearly to cover the loss of the item annually. It tends to work out better for me in the long run as I have had a very good run with most of my electronics.(My Xbox phat still runs, surprisingly....and my LG TV is coming up on 4 years of age. Both have had their "warranty savings" bought out so if either breaks, there's enough in an account to cover the replacement.) Weigh your options and decide for yourself what works best.


@the4thnobleman: Recommending that people save money for future costs...... It's just crazy enough to work!


@matkyne Heresy! That's why we shop for deals, quality is not a factor, it's the cheapness that matters!

Joking aside, I just found out about these tv's yesterday. Not sure if the simulview (two players playing a splitscreen game on one full-screen tv, seeing two different fullscreen images) is compatible with all games or not, I doubt it, but you never know. The main price I saw was around $500. Ebay's lowest Buy Now was 290, and the lowest with bids was 190 (as of 11 central time) with a decent amount of time left.

1080p resolution. If payday had been yesterday, I would have ordered one an hour ago.


I bought one from Sony a couple of months ago and I have to say it is the most beautiful display I have ever seen. The pictures is bright and gorgeous. I knew going into it that it may die on me, but so far so good. I use it from my laptop and PS3 and it has been great.


@durwel: The Simulview only works on select games, sadly. The only game I know of that does it is Motorstorm Apocalypse.


Note this is not a TV, as it does not include a digital TV tuner, nor does it include a remote control. This is strictly a monitor.


Supported Games

MLB 12 The show
MotorStorm RC
MotorStorm Apocolypse
Gran Turismo 5
Killzone 3
Super Stardust HD


Read the reviews, seems like this is a piece of junk.


@djp519: That's not a issue though for anyone with a cable box. My plasma just uses HDMI to receive a HD signal from the cable box so it would work exactly the same. My cable box also has component and svideo out so you could connect it up with component or look for adapters.