dealswd my passport essential 320gb, usb 3.0 portable…


Unless this thing is gold plated, that's not a very good deal.


Seriously? I've seen 1 TB drives for $60... why would I want a 320GB for $40?


@daveofva: That's true. I recently bought a Buffalo 1TB hdd for $60. However, I doubt you will find a WD or Seagate portable HDD in that size for that price.

Prices on hard drives are all relative. This is a decent deal for a 320 GB portable USB3.0 hdd in today's current market. Prices fluctuate a lot on hard drives. Current prices for a 320 GB external Hard Drive with USB 3.0 connectivity is about $50 - $60 if not more... depending on the brand and retailer.

For example Best Buy is selling the model previous to this one for $57.99 (Best Buy SKU#: 3447565) with only USB 2.0. While Amazon has a similar USB 3.0 model for $59.99.


@jyoz22: But 320GB is not an ideal storage size for an external drive. Most externals are used as backups, otherwise you use a flash drive.

Besides, 5 days ago, someone posted the 1.5 TB version of this exact drive for $89.99 at best buy. That's .06 per gig, vs this one which is .125 per gig.

All I'm saying is, this isn't a stellar deal.


@daveofva: Oh, I understand. You will always get more bang for your buck if you buy the larger capacity. Like I said, I bought a 1TB HDD a few days ago for $60.

However, I saw this deal and decided to share it -- because while it may not be the most stellar HDD deal out there, it is pretty good when compared to other 320GB HDD's (External/Portable/USB 3.0).

I also understand that some people use these as backups which may be fine for someone who has a PC with 250 GB or 320 GB HDDs. A lot of people also use these just for media storage (movies/music) especially for use with gaming systems like the Xbox.


@daveofva: Can you share where you've gotten your 1TB Western Digital laptop hard disk for $60?


And as reported on other deal sites (which I cant link on here or my post gets deleted), that 1.5TB deal was done by Sunday afternoon (sold out at stores and online). Very limited quantities in the stores that even had them in stock.


@jyoz22: well to a point, if you get the "largest" drive available for that form factor then the price goes up again. Stay just under the "new" and above the "old" and you'll find a good deal.