dealsseagate expansion 3tb usb 3.0 desktop external…


Just had a 1.5 GB of this model die on me, clicked its entire life of 1 year. (The first one I bought clicked as well, and I returned it to a brick store for a replacement.)
(The "Click of Death" as it is called.)

Transfer speeds were always slow, wasn't fast enough to play an mp3 without buffering.

Oh, and I didn't get it warranty repaired when it died because I put it off too long. It had a 2-year warranty on it, expect to use it.


Are there two drives inside? If not, why not take it apart and you'd have a 3 TB internal for $50 less than they're currently selling for? I've been wanting to upgrade my server...


As a seagate user for many many years, there is a flaw with the drives compared to the other manufactures. If the drive is moved like once and is stationary in a desktop case, then no issues.

If its moved like external hdds are made for, then C.O.D. is quite common with the seagates. If you want a external that dsnt do this, then get a WD, internal hdd wise seagate or WD.


@ tcayer: These are probably not good drives for a server - they are less expensive than the 3GB bare drives for a reason - typically smaller cache and poorer performance. This is not such an issue with a USB drive, but for your server? There are reasons that enterprise class drives are better suited (and more expensive).