dealskohl's cookware sale: up to 50% off plus 20% off


@moosezilla: I believe if you have a khols card then you will get the extra 20% off in store.. but from what I saw, I didn't see anything about the extra 20% off in store.


Until tomorrow (May 2nd), Kohl's has a 20% off pass for the entire store, and online. You don't have to have a Kohl's charge card for it, you just need to have the printed coupon code or the offer code for online orders.


I was at the store Sunday and if you are signed up for email you get the 20% off. You also will get a $5 in store coupon I think


Hmmmm, I owe my wife some cookie sheets after demolishing hers. Looks like shes getting them sooner then I thought.


Are there any decent pots and pans in this sale? Our dying Calphalon set is looking worse and worse.