dealsvibe noise isolation metal earbuds for $2.99


I bought 3 since theyre so cheap and only a dollar shipping. I tend to go through headphones pretty quick since I only spend 2-3 bucks on them typically. Hopefully these are worth the cheap price :)


I bought three of these last time they came up on Woot. I wanted some to use in the yard since I didn't want to risk breaking my expensive noise cancelling ear buds. I should've saved my money. The ones I got were absolute trash. One set didn't work out of the box, the next one had a lot of static on the line and kept fuzzing in and out, and I never bothered opening the third pack. I just chucked them all and wrote it off as a lesson learned. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Skip these and pick up a pair of free ones the next time you fly somewhere.