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I'm actually in the market for one of these, so this is perfect timing. The only thing I have the problem with is the turning handle. I've gotta grab a T handle in my fist and move my hand every quarter or half turn repetitively to close/open the jaws, rather than most of the other vices where there's a floating bar or rotating grip to make for continuous movement. Good price, just not sold on the handle.


Are vises on sale or is it just this one? I need a tabletop (suction) vise.. those things are useful.


You do not understand how this vise works romeojn..

It operates as such...

You would put your workpiece in the mouth of the vise.
Slide it to the nonmoving vise face.
Slide the moving vise face to the workpiece.
Then rotate the handle to the left of the vise to a vertical position.

The handle moves the moving vise face slightly closer to the fixed vise face with some fabulous mechanical advantage then locks it in that position.

This type of clamp is great for drill presses and horizontal band saws because it quickly adapts to different workpiece sizes and provides excellent clamping power.


PRICE COMES UP $35.99 NOT $23.99. WHAT'S UP???


@bamarph: Easy on the CapsLock there. Just looks like the special pricing ended. I've expired the deal. You can also tattle on the deal to have it expired by the Deals moderators.