dealsstaples extreme deals - glue, crayons, or bic…


I am so glad I do not work in office supplies.


Thanks for posting this deal. I went and got some along with the 1 cent stuff.They have a really good ad this week


I DO work at Staples and I can safely say that I would rather work a months worth of Black Friday's than deal with back to school stuff. Not to group all teachers together, but there are SO many that come in, try and circumvent the system and act like they are entitled to as many things as they want its ridiculous.

Just for the record, those who ARE teachers, you are allowed up to 25 on the penny deals as long as you have a teacher rewards card. The difference is that this year, instead of just getting your 25 limit all at a penny you HAVE to show your rewards card and then every single item that you buy over the regular limit, you pay FULL price for, but 100% of it comes back in your reward coupons the following month. It is the best way that corporate can track spending to try and prevent those from circumventing the system and ruining it for others.


I guess this in IN-STORE only? :( Looks like I am going to Staple this at lunch today. Gonna get those school supplies before the CRAZINESS at Walmart this year.