dealszebra bikini trimmed in hot pink for $59.99…


Is anyone buying this crap?


@jimfett: Yes, lots of happy customers are wearing Ujena bathing suits.

Ujena has been selling swimwear since 1984 and I have been very successful selling their products for the past 6 years.

Thank you for your interest :-)


which sizing chart should i use for the dotd?


@jimfett: yes , strippers and the cast from Jersey Shore.


@ohcheri You do know Woot is for DEALS right? And this section is, so quit using Woot for advertising and either post deals or quit posting!


@captfear: How do you know what deals.woot is for? you've never posted anything. In fact I don't see that you do anything here. Except bitch, of course.

@ohcheri: It would be nice to see the MSRP since you're posting this as a deal. :-) You have our support.

My wife wears Ujena bathing suits and loves them. They are from a great company and are made in the US. They fit her beautifully (she was made for bikinis :-) and they stay on. Of course getting the right fit is very important and, more often than not, she needs a different size top and bottom.

As far as the deal part of these swim suits go. I cannot attest to this specific bathing suit, but I've paid more than twice this for Ujena before. I dispise going to Belk, Dillards, or Macy's and paying $150 for a Ralph Lauren thats made in Taiwan or China. If you're paying brand name prices, these are top quality at a good price. You're not going to find something that looks and fits like these at Target.


@nmchapma: Thank you for your support ♥


@captfear: Regular price $109.95, how is this not a deal?

Just curious, where do you comparison shop for your bikinis? Online or brick-and-mortar?


@captfear: you don't get out any do you? This is a deal.