dealsairzooka air gun for $9.99


i'm jealous thinkgeek employees get to bring their dogs into work. office dogs? awesome!


@w00gurl: I am also highly-jealous! I might use this in my job-perk requirements for future job searches...


What a crock of crap. $8.97 for shipping? That's ridiculous for a little piece of plastic.


These things are AWESOME, but they don't last an incredibly long time. The back part of it is like plastic sheeting, which is pretty thick, but when you're constantly stretching it out it gets worn out after a while. Don't get me wrong, it should last a few months, but don't expect to hang on to it for years.

It's hilarious to watch people get hit by the air and have no idea what just happened to them! It's also really cool to go someplace that's foggy and shoot them- you can see the ring of air.


@jklooz: Yeah. That's always been my main problem with Think Geek. In addition to high prices on their stuff, shipping is ridiculous.


I've owned my AirZooka for literally 14 years now and it has not broken. Maybe they made them a lot better back then or something, but this thing still works great and has not torn or broken. Its a fun toy to have around.


These are great - we picked one up at the Iowa Children's Museum for about the same price, but they're usually at least double that.

As for shipping - it's actually a decent sized box, and the thing is quite large once assembled. While it may be on the upper side of high, I don't think shipping is unreasonable.

I should note that these are quite loud. I'm not sure where people are using these that people don't know where the air is coming from - if it happened to me I'd assume it was related to the big "boom" that just happened :)


Just a heads up, these things break after a weeks use, well at least from my experience.


@mszkoda - That's awesome! I got two at a theme park, so they were probably not the same quality.

@tsfisch I was using mine at the theme park where I got it mostly. Loud surroundings make it really hard to tell where it's coming from. Plus, it takes a second for the air to hit the target depending on how far away it is, so you don't always associate the noise with the air.


I found one of these at the local Goody's store for like $3.00! They had 'em all marked down. Score!
Before I bought that, I had made my own using a small bucket, an elastic waistband, a trash bag, and some packing tape.
Cat's hate it. People do jump because the ball (or ring) of air takes a little while to travel to them. So they think you missed after the initial "shot" only to get a puff o' air in their face a moment later! LOLZ! What larks we'll have eh, Pip?


We've had ours for several years. I think the only thing that broke off was the (ornamental) flip up "site". And ya, they make a decent boom when you let loose with it...not a stealth item. I can't remember how ours arrived wrt assembly/box size, but they are quite large.

These aren't easy for younger kids to use, btw. It takes some muscle to hold the thing steady and pull back on the membrane at the same time.


@gryhnd: >>These aren't easy for younger kids to use, btw. It takes some muscle to hold the thing steady and pull back on the membrane at the same time.<<

This is true, but even my 4yo can get a decent poof of air out of it, although only a fraction of the device's full potential.


when i was i kid, they had these things (looked just like this) on tv commercials called "Gorilla Guns". i believe they quit making them because kids were blowing their eardrums out.
just sayin


@griz13: Might be nice to provide a cite before trying to scare everyone away. A quick google on my part found nothing of the sort.

I seriously doubt one of these things could blow out your eardrums - although they're loud enough that you wouldn't want to do it right by your ear.