dealssnuza hero mobile baby movement monitor for $85…


We have one of these (the Halo, purchased before the name change)
These are definitely worth the money. If you have an infant, are expecting a child, or have close friends or family who are expecting, you should get one of these.


It looks nice but at $85 you can find much better options. Shoot!! for $85 you can get a video monitor...


@notoriouscheech: The problem is a video monitor won't detect if you baby has stopped breathing. And this seems to be a pretty good price for this one.


@notoriouscheech: This would be used in addition to a video monitor. Something of note: It only takes one false alarm of this thing to make your life a living hell. Expect sleepless nights hallucinating the sound of the alarm.


Bought one of these a couple months, I'm regretting it now. $85 is totally worth it. A few friends had recommended it, so I jumped the gun a bit too early. Being able to sleep without worry is worth the money though.