dealsdna self discovery kit for $29.00 + free shipping


Googling reveals that this is a pretty useless DNA test. It only examines 13 locations, all of which are apparently within the so-called "junk DNA".

So it's just a curiosity; perhaps interesting purely as a novelty, but not if you want results regarding heritage/genealogy or health etc.


The web site to go to for a real DNA test is
23andMe Co-Founders are Linda Avey and Anne Wojcicki. The
latter is the wife of someone named Sergei Brin (for those of you
who haven't heard of him, he's one of the 2 founders of a small
company called Google).


Is this endorsed by Maury Povich?


Total waste of your time and money. I made the mistake of buying this a while back without researching. Learn from my mistake and save your money.


Awww C'mon fellas. I'm sure we've all done a bit of self discovery involving our DNA at some point. Especially ages 12-17.


The FBI uses CODIS as a preliminary DNA screening - it can exclude a lot of people who don't match a DNA profile. Given that there are three possible outcomes for each locus (AA, Aa, aa) there are about 3^13 or about 1.5 million unique patterns. Because of the relative frequencies of the major and minor alleles, the probability is just the product of the individual observed characteristic frequencies within the sample population, so if your major alleles were all 75% you would be identical to about 2% of your population, however if you were all minor alleles in the same population you would be nearly one in a billion!


Was hoping this would be like 23andme, but no such luck. Reading the FAQs pushed even more to the side of no deal.

@dopavash: Aparently you started a bit earlier than I did...


sounds like i'm gonna be paying obama 20 bucks to put me on the list of lists.


Astonishingly pointless for anyone in the United States. Unless your family intentionally picked out the same nationality for spouses you are going to get a mixed bag for result. We are a great melting pot because we have people from every nation. trying to pigeon hole ones DNA "country" is a waste of time.

This seems like a bad version of Facespace or mybook. "chat with people that have similar dna signatures" that sounds like fun. like meeting your sister on a date


@skildude: I actually did buy this a while back. My heritage is 100% Polish and I still had the weirdest mixed bag of results... Morocco... Spain...

Nope. Sorry, not believing it.


@lagunita: Thanks for this. So help me, I followed your link and ordered a test through 23andMe. Hope I don't find out that I'm my own grandma.


As a Caucasian English speaking American, I a little afraid to find out why I was speaking fluent German in my sleep one night. My GF said I was saying "beware the rain" & calling to fellow soldiers, running through trenches & such...

If I was in WWII, God I pray I was fighting on the wrong side (Germany, of coarse).

P.S. This is absolutely a true story, I do not know German at all, & this still disturbes me to this day (its been 3 or 4 years since this sleep talking & I had no recollection of my dream. I usually always remember my dreams in vivid, bizaar detail & I always dream in color...).


Or you can get a Test for free from 23andMe in a giveaway from appsumo!