dealsscorpion beer bottle opener for $5.29 + free…


I have a bajillion bottle openers... but I'm drawn to this... in for 1.

Like my grandpa used to say, "You can never have too many Amber Scorpion Style Insect Noctilucent Bottle Opener Beer Decappers".


Cost is showing up at $7.09 as of 1030 CDT.


@dreemstealer: coupon code just worked for me (total $5.29)


Sweet jesus I hope that's not the blood of Medusa's head in front of that scorpion because I'd have a big problem with that scorpion turning giant in my place.


@mohicus: Coupon code is working for me now - may have just been a temporary issue. Sorry! In for one :-)

Edit: Also geez, downvotes for posting that it wasn't working? God forbid someone have a problem with the site.


Cool! Thanks devexityspace will try the code.


@bigshtank: That is & it will become giant. You're screwed.

But me, I'll safe in my home on the water front &......... AHHHHHHH, THE KRAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm gonna buy two and ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!


So, it's a bottle opener with a scorpion encased in plastic, and it glows in the dark?!?!

This is too silly NOT to buy. I'm in for one. Coupon code worked for me.