dealsguitar hero: warriors of rock guitar bundle…


I have this for the wii, it essentially came with the bundle I bought. I have to say, the music selection really isn't that awesome. I like the other versions of the game due to the variety of music, this one clearly is just rock. I'd say I enjoy playing about 10, maybe 15 songs tops in this version. I'd recommend checking out the song list before purchasing.


Its called "Warriors of ROCK". What were you expecting?


Best track list of any GH game yet! Too bad they killed the series. Also, too bad the Xbox version costs $20 more.


@mattcarson2: Rock Band is called ROCK Band, but has country, rap, reggae, metal...

Actually, I'm hard-pressed to find a genre that Rock Band DOESN'T include, unless we're going to start rattling off obscure branches of Japanese screamo or something like that.