dealssam’s club - can of pepsi next (in store) - april…


ooo look, the new Crystal pepsi, or Pepsi AM!

Pepsi Next, for the people who want the unhealthy additives of both regular and diet soda all at once!


pepsi next... all of the taste of pepsi max, but with 100 extra calories. srsly.


Free pop? Remember folks, SUGAR IS POISON! Google it! Its the truth! :|


@briansmac: Oxygen is also poison and you don't see me not breathing. This is coming from someone who just had Reece's and Grapico for lunch.


I have tried this stuff. it is pretty good. Lower carbs and calories. Everything we eat and drink is toxic to some organization. Nobody will ever come up with one thing that is good for us that everyone agrees on. Even mentioning water someone will complain about additives and contamination. This Pepsi tastes much better than diet and close enough to Pepsi to keep me drinking. It doesnt have all the chemical taste like diet drinks do. It is better than full sugar soda if you are trying to cut back on calories and carbs.


How about seltzer water? It's pretty much just carbonated water. taste better than regular tap water, where I live anyhow (tampa bay) and you sort of feel like you are drinking soda pop. I switched to it about a year ago.


carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, so if you're going to open a can, remember to open your windows and crank up your AC to max to fight global warming. ;-)

Oh, and aluminum causes that thing in your brain that makes you forget things...can't remember what it's called... ;-)


@unheardfury: That's the cost for a 12 pack... Not the Free Sample Can in store.


It tastes like regular Pepsi and Diet Pepsi were just mixed together. If you lie to yourself, it tastes like Pepsi, but you can definitely taste the Diet Pepsi flavor in there.


@briansmac: If you have high speed internet the population density is such that the air you are breathing is poison. Deep breath.


Blech. Still has the aspartame aftertaste, albeit less prevelant.
When are they going to bring out one with all sucralose, or something with Stevia?


Too bad Costco doesn't hand out free cans of soda to go with their samples.