dealsxbox 360 live 12-month gold membership…


Still available, so hop on this while you can. You can extend your membership date out 3 years, so even if your XBL membership isn't going to expire for a while you can get this and just add 12 months onto whatever your current expiration date is. I've extended mine out to 2015.


In for 1 - thanks for the heads up!


I check tigerdirect's actual website and i cant find any deals on the cards. Id like to buy it, it just seems sketchy.


@hesopchoie: These deals happen all the time. Even more sketchy they are from random people off ebay. But always work. I've bought them before and will again. No worries mate. Besides if I'm not mistaken you can pay via paypal and is a reputable dealer.


After checking tigetdirect price. I'm guessing they ran a promotion over the weekend and haven't corrected the price. That or they are on marked lower there to steal customers from Either is plausible.

vote-for2vote-against reviews are scary but I already ordered one. We will see if everything goes smoothly.


@b1m3x8: Really? (about the reviews) I've bought a few things from them and never had a problem. Though I must admit 99% of the things I've ordered are from other sellers using their marketplace kinda like on amazon. XD But I think I bought a video card from buy once.


@b1m3x8: I've been buying direct from Buy and from sellers on their site for years and never had a problem


Dumb question - is this the deal where they email you the code or do they ship a physical card to activate?


@jfryclrk: If its like when Tiger Direct did this on eBay, they send you the card.


I'd post the deal for the PS3 online membership...but wait it's free. But I guess if you've just gone through your third red ringed 360 you're not worried about paying to play online...Suckers...


Can I make a PS3 fanboy comment? ^..^ Suckers! :P


PS3 is free....and it still can't get the number of gamers on it that Live can. I have both but rarely play PS3 online. It's a great blu-ray player though.


Cheapest I've seen a year of xbox live is $35 and it sells out too fast. This is the second cheapest I've seen it and a damn good deal.


Let's count the number of great 360 exclusives vs. great PS3 exclusives. Besides Halo, almost all 360 owners play online are games they can play for PS3.


I just got an Xbox for the Media Center Extender capabilities. Also works with Xfinity (Comcast) On Demand with Xbox live Gold membership, so they got me there. $3.50 a month seems like a reasonable amount to try for a year. In for 1.

waj waj

Save yourself some money and buy a PS3 where you can play online for a great price... FREE.


Save yourself some real money and forget the consoles all together... Steam and PC is where it is at... I get so many great deals off of steam sales that it saves me a ton of money. Also, before I get the "Need expensive computer" comment, you can build a decent computer that will play almost everything on high for around 800$. Last quite a lot of time and then is pretty cheap to upgrade when you need to [if you stay reasonable and buy what you need, not what you think you need]


Well no longer AVALIBLE when I clicked buy it says error listing quantity reduced to AVALIBLE. Damn must be all sold out