dealssteam holiday sale- day 3


seems like mostly trash :(


Dead Island GOTY is $5.99 on Amazon right now. Only an $0.80 savings, but it's something if you plan on buying it.


@isentaur: The Dawn of War pack is a decent deal... I think anyway.


one man's trash is another man's treasure


@isentaur: steam sales generally ARE all trash. The complete packs are the only things ever worth a damn, and they USUALLY dont give you the extra gift copy of a game you already own.


@rockmasterflex69: That's overstating it more than a bit. The biggest discounts tend to go to older things that aren't huge names (they'd be stupid to put up a lot of the stuff that's selling great currently at $60 for 75% off), but a very big chunk of Steam's selection of games gets discounted to some degree.


i like this special icon that you made @miquinn, but i cant tell from the smaller version that it says 'day 3' and the creeper face for the "A" doesnt make sense.


@wootfast: yeah, thanks. I realized that as well, and will make the font bigger for any future ones if you use them again. c:


I look forward to the holiday steam sales every year. I discover little indie games on the cheap that I normally wouldn't see or try out. Lots of great gaming to be had by all!


bought camera bag2 for $5, well worth it