dealspirate fluxx - the ever changing pirate card game…


These games are amazing! Though, the talk like a pirate for extra draws card in this deck, gets old... quickly.


I take it we are having woot like a pirate day? Fluxx games are great. I think Zombie Fluxx is the best of the lot, with the original Fluxx close on its heels. But Pirate and Chthulu Fluxx are loads of fun as well.


@moondrake: They have Ninja Fluxx too, but they did such an amazing job making it that it vanished in a puff of smoke and has never been seen since. Competitors of Looney Labs have been found mangled in their own homes with severe cuts that appear to have been made by cards, but no evidence and no trace of the culprit has been found.....


The fluxx games are great for a large age range and multiple people.


Pirate is our favorite, but the Wizard of Oz is a close second. Highly recommended!


I have the Monty Python version. Lots of fun!


@benyust2: I think the Monty Python version is only fun for those with an intricate knowledge of Monty Python. Some of the other Fluxx games have jokes that transcend knowledge (like Zombie Fluxx).


Lately we've been playing "Mega Fluxx" games by combining decks. It's a hassle to shuffle them all, but it makes for some truly interesting and long games, and the addition of the "blanxx" cards to make your own rules allows us to make it into a cohesive game rather than a cacophony of fluxx cards.