dealsnook® hd+ slate tablet 32gb from barnes & noble…


This is an awesome value now that they've unlocked it from the B&N ecosystem.

I'd never even done more than glance at the Nook HD until now...I was, just yesterday looking for a 1080 or above tablet (the only choices were the Asus Infinity or Nexus 10 both $400+). I'd decided to wait for the next gen before buying.

Now, I think I'm going to buy one today. First I'm going to see if it's available in-store at Target...failing that, attempt an in-store Fry's price match (they'll match internet pricing), third choice will be Target on-line.

I assume this price drop signals the next generation is coming soon.

As soon as I finish posting this, I'm off to look up info on alternative ROM's or at least rooting.


Hmmm...Nook HD 7" 16GB or Nook HD+ 9" 16GB...either for $179...


@whitewind: Best Buy and Walmart also carry them. Walmart is priced slightly higher, but they'll price match. The price drop might not be an indication of a new gen coming. The Google Play update was just rolled out on Fri, and Mother's Day happened to be a week later. It's a good time for them to promote the update. The price dip seems to only be through Mother's Day--at least directly from B&N. I snagged 2 of the 9" 32GB at Target. With taxes it was only $202 in MN since I used the Red card. Really nice deal if you don't mind no camera.


@alicianoel718: They also had the 16GB Nook HD+ at Target for $179 (same price as B&N store).

$200 for a name brand 32GB 9" WUXGA (1920x1200) is unbeatable.

Thanks for the post.