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Which is going to make you cry, The onion or the price of the knife?


But you don't use a paring knife for either chicken or rolls.


I bought one from woot a couple of weeks ago for $70. Easily the sharpest out of the box knife I have ever held. The fit and finish are very nice. The laid back position of the blade takes some getting used to. I honestly hated it the first time I used it. I don't mind it at all now, but I really don't see any advantage to that particular design feature. Maybe it will continue to grow on me.


I have about 8 of these knives. Once you use a knife of this caliber you will dread using any of your friends' knives when you visit and cook at their house. You don't treat these the same as the stuff you get from Wal-Mart... hand-wash only, hone every 30 minutes of use, and I just had them sharpened by a professional (which cost me about $25 for about 5 of my knives).

You really only use 2 knives for typical cooking... pairing and the chef's knife. So if you balk at the price, start with this one, get the chef's knife, and get any others as you feel they will be used. Again, don't forget to hone. Youtube has good tutorials on this... doing it wrong will screw the knife up.


I was fortunate to attend a cooking class with Gordon Ramsey. He was not promoting anything other than his cooking instruction show airing in the UK. I noticed he was using the same J.A. Henckels Professional S knives that I use and love at home. He said you only need 3 knives, the chef's knife, a paring knife, and a serrated knife for carving. I tend to agree with him. And those Professional S knives are half the price of these knives. I think these are the "Monster" of knives. Way overpriced, but people will pay it because they think they are magical.


gordon uses his knifes as tools, and hones them on a steel regulary(creates microserratations), which is why heckels are better for him.

these are harder, and will be sharper and stay sharper for longer, but need to be sharpened on a water stone, a honing steel would chip up the edge really bad...

i also own a couple of these based purely on asthetics

i would say its like comparing Apple computers to IBM,


@fuzi719: If you condemningly associate Rockwell proofing and hot isostatic press with magic, then you should certainly stay away from these knives, so well as the scientific community.


@fuzi719: I have a set of Ken Onion Shuns. If I have lots of slicing or dicing prep, I can simply place the appropriate knife betwixt that which I wish to prepare, leave the kitchen, chant "Shun, Shun, Shunlabeem!" (5X), and all the work is completed perfectly when I return to the kitchen. I can't speak for the knife offered here, but MY Shuns are frickin' magic.


Gordon The-Arrogant-Jerk Ramsey? Bah! When I let celebrity chefs market endorsed products to me, I leave it to the eccentric Alton Brown.


What is this knife snobbery all about? I bought a set of some cheap Chicago Cutlery steak knives and sharpened them to razor sharpness with a Lansky 4 rod sharpener. I saved $50 (excluding the shapner, but I already had that)


I'm really tempted to get this, but think I might hold out for something a bit larger.


any1 else recieve the wrong model?