dealsbuy one $25 egift card get one…


Buy one $25 get one free, for $10? Does that make any sense to anyone??


I went looking for reviews about the site and it has a lot of bad reviews especially from users. among them were , . ... and the list continues, but I couldn't find a single positive review..


you buy one 25$ certificate for 10$ and get the second 25$ certificate completely free


I've checked them regularly for the past three or four years and have never found one I can use. They nearly all require a minimum food purchase of $35 or more, which The Spouse and I would seldom do at the type of restaurant that's offering the discount.


used to use them regularly, but really gone downhill over the past year.

vote-for1vote-against certificates are good if you can find a restaurant that has certificates. AND as long as you read and understand the fine print (usually a minimum purchase, and usually an 18% gratuity is added). Regardless, you still save money. So many people don't understand how they work and fail to read the restrictions and automatically give a negative review. We've never had a bad experience, but make sure to research the availability and READ the restrictions.

That said, this is NOT the best deal offers. Basically it works out to $2.00 for each $10 in certificate value. routinely (at least twice a month) offers deals that work out to $1.60 for each $10 in certificate value - which is the best price I've ever seen. If you want to get the best deal, wait for one of those offers. The certificates don't expire, and we recently found out that we can transfer unused certificates for other restaurants as they become available.


I used to use them regularly (several years ago), especially when the $25 coupons were occasionally offered for $2 - BUT I now agree 100% with the problems cited in the reviews provided in the link given above by shalaran. STAY AWAY from these coupons!!