dealsthank you gift bag & more for teachers only


Free to the first 100 teachers and while supplies last.

In my experience, you can be the first one at the door when they open in the morning and their special deals are already gone. They do not offer rain checks and no other substitutions.

I have given up on trying to get any staples offers.


Did anyone get a bag? I'd love to hear what they were giving out..


Hahaha! Now Staples is trying to get you to try to get a Bag Of Crap! Woot!, your influence is boundless! Maybe there's a bigscreen TV or a LeakFrog in there.


Man, that site looks terrible...


You have to present your Teachers Rewards card to receive the bag. I've honestly never seen them run out of these bags, and usually it's only about ~$5 worth of stuff. Still good enough for free though. Plus, they've been doing this for years.


@mjarndt: I've never actually had to show my rewards ID, my NEA membership card is usually good enough.