dealsfrost boss beverage chiller for $16.99…


it's $13 shipping prime on amazon. don't see the deal here.


Add salt to the ice/water combo and it works even faster!


This same product was in the woot off 2 days ago for $9.99.


@tcayer: but your hand ins't battery powered,, which means it's not as cool.


I have a Cooper Cooler and it works pretty darn well. I liked it so much that when the first one broke after 5 years, I bought another one.


You can do the exact same thing with a bowl of ice. Crushed ice makes best contact, add a little water, put the can in and spin it by hand. In less than a minute it will be ice cold!


@moviela: You don't say? As a general rule, people sometimes use this little phrase, "You get what you pay for." Ever heard it? Because the Cooper Cooler is nearly 6x the price of this one, if you get a good deal. Also, do you work for them? Because I honestly cannot believe that you used Cooper or Cooper Cooler in every single sentence otherwise...


Got one of these on about 6 months ago. Works pretty good. Anybody that has left a soda in the freezer too long that exploded will want one of these.