dealsbuy one, get one free big macs from mcdonalds


called two McDonald's around me and no luck. However, i did find it interesting that they offer coupons, if you ask.

Example, one told me that with the purchase of a quarter pounder, you get either a free dollar sandwich or a dollar off the meal. So i guess it pays to call and ask about coupons before you hit up a McDonald's.


Not seeing any signs around my local Mickey D's. :o(


Awesome... forwarding to the wife... I don't like McD- but she does and sometimes goes there with one of her friends.


Got coupons for this in my weekly circulars.


It is being offered in the Puget Sound area, along with the $1 any size soft drinks


Man, what's up with all the downvote hatred? Not like I lied that you might not have it at your local place. Maybe people just hate fast food, oh well.


I appreciated the deal! I always look out for fast food deals like this so I have an excuse to leave the office for lunch. I wish I saw more posted!


I love McDonalds, last time I was there having breakfast I found one of those little paper inserts under my tray and it had a nutritional breakdown of everything they sell, since then it was ruined, I just cant eat there anymore (except for random 99 cent chicken nuggets) do NOT look at the menu!!! :D


@shadowhunter312 I've noticed quite a bit of downvote haters. I've also noted that most don't bother to post why they downvoted. Hmmmm.....

On the subject of the deal. Not valid in my neck of the woods (DC/VA), but was interested to find out that they will offer coupons if asked.


@shadowhunter312: come on man, there was no real reason to post this besides to troll everyone.


@victorvdoom: Eh? Not quite sure what you are trying to say. How does a "Take one minute to check if your local McDs is running this special" equal trolling? Or are you trying to say posting a fast food deal is trolling?

If I was trolling, I wouldn't have asked what's up with the downvotes, as I would've expected them. QED, mate.


I think you are getting alot of downgrades because this is not offered in many parts of the country. Possibly that it is offered in less areas then more.


Whether it is offered everywhere or not, how many people would have known that it was a possibility if it had not been posted. At least now I know that there is a chance that it is my area. Thanks!


@Shadowhunter... I don't mind saying why I downvoted this.

I didn't really see it as a posted deal; If it were a post with a linked coupon, offer code, etc then it would be great!

However, IMHO a post telling me to check with my store to see if they have any promotions is kind of a buzz kill. You could do this for any store and any item... "In some parts of the country Wal-Mart is marking down garden stuff, call your local store to see if they are" or "Some Targets are now putting out Halloween junk and has it on sale for early buyers, call around to various stores"...

It wasn't anything personal and I wasn't trying to offend you, but I thought your post was more of some good advise than an actual post linking me to a deal.


I am in the Great Philadelphia Metro area and they have a promotion as well, but its 1 free Coca Cola drinking glass with a Large Value Meal. I can confirm its good in northern Delaware, South Jersey, and South East Pennsylvania.


I see no coupon or deal or anything, just stuff about the new McNugget sauces


The coupon was in the past Sundays paper.
This is nothing new, they usually run these inserts 1 time every 1-2 months. The insert specifically included 2 free B1G1 coupons, as well as various others.

These coupons are NEVER in store


People actually give a crap about up/down-votes?
I'm downvoting my own post just for the hell of it.


McDonalds is divided in several regions, and each region on areas. Every area could have stores owned for either the Corp or independent operators. McD can make promotions a any level, either National, Regional, Area, per owner o even per individual store. As well, prices change for every store. Normally newspaper coupons are for locals, especially prices discounts. The menu also can slightly change from one store to other.


Is it safe to say that since it has been 3 months and since it was hit-and-miss whether any particular McDonald's store actually honored this, that this is now "expired"?