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"Rug Doctor 95468 Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaner with Bottle of Oxy Steam Cleaner (New) for $299.99 + $5.00 shipping"

It's not just the bottle of cleaner that's new. The machine is new too !


I got one of these after I rented one from walmart. If you have Kids/pets these are a great investment. My 7 year old had thrown-up in his bedroom after eating dinner one night. Dinner consisted of asparagus, chicken ,humus, salad...and topped it off with a HUGE piece of cheesecake. Despite having cleaned up this foul-smelling mess within a few minutes of when it happened and scrubbing, treating it with lysol and every other cleaning chemical I could find- the smell persisted the next day. We were close to needing to pull up the carpet and just get new carpet. As a last ditch effort, the next night I went to walmart to rent one of these. When I used it, I was worried- because the smell was 10X worst now- but I figured it was pulling it out of the pad. After going over it several more time throughout the day- I was finally able to get all the stench out. I bought one 2 weeks later. I use it more for spot areas, or doing a room here or there.