dealssquareforge - modular dungeon tiles for table-top…


$5 for a PDF you have to print yourself? No thanks.


$5 and you can print as many as you would like...not the best price, but far from the worst.


You COULD make it yourself, but is the time investment really worth $5?

Dunno. You could also always but a grid on a whiteboard, or laminated paper and draw it on the fly.


You COULD get a REAL hobby that wasn't such a total waste of time :P


I think I'd rather buy the finished printed cards.
But it's a neat idea.


I'm a huge fan of the hirst arts method of making dungeons.

Molds and plaster/dental cement to make your own real 3D models. I have 10000+ blocks lying around.

Check out Bruce's stuff, but be warned...this requires patience.


@tjdarge: If you watch any TV, other than the news, you probably waste far more time. Most people that I know who game do so sparingly and really enjoy it...and if your DM is worth anything, its an experience that makes you think and forces you to problem solve. Why hate on someone else's hobby that doesn't affect you in any way?


the "news" isn't a waste of time??? it's nonsense meant to make you scared so you turn in for more news. Journalism is DEAD.

the only thing that isn't a waste of time is doing what you enjoy....

that said, for 4 dollars i will email you a printable PDF that i made from a screenshot of this dungeon i got from their website


You people really need to get a life and join the rest of us playing World of Warcraft while shoveling microwavable ramen noodles down our throats. Playing games with real people in the room is for losers.


EZ-Tiles from Fat Dragon Games are pretty much the same thing, but with higher quality artwork (and you can buy them already printed on cardstock for a bit more). Or, if you want full 3-D papercraft dungeon building sets, hit up


Yea, $5 for a print out seems kind of ridiculous. How about taking a look at an actual modular dungeon system instead of a doc that could be created in paint in 10 minutes.


@alivelee: LoL this looks more like spam to me. This link is for kickstarter campaing not actual product!
And if i could create something like this in 5H in paint i think that would be awesome besides i value my time more than $1 h. Great Idea wish somebody offered me something like this when i was younger!


@sniperek: If it took you 5 hours to make something like that in paint then you would do very well to give it up. My comment was 10 minutes, and yea its a kick starter but they are at least offering something physical instead of something that you have to print out yourself.