dealswestern digital elements 2tb desktop external…


I've owned a 1TB one for 2 years and never had any issues with memory corruption. WD makes the best HDDs.


It would be nice if they listed more specs on the drive itself, however, I've always been a fan of WD drives.

Just installed a new 1TB WD Black internal that I got for same price, so 2TB of space is a good deal.


I've been using WD external drives as internal hard drives on my builds for a couple of years now. They work great and for some odd reason they are always cheaper/easier to get a hold of.


Can I format it for use with Apple Mac?


from the sales page

Preformatted for PCs.
Designed for use with Windows-based computers. Can be easily reformatted for use with Macs.


Actually there is a .pdf file at the bottom of the description page that gives quite a bit of info on the drive. I really like the WD Black drives but the Elements are just okay from my experience...still better than a lot of other drives but not WD's top of the line.

Also, it's only a usb 2.0; quite a bit slower than the 3.0's that are now available.

In the description they give a size rating for Apple formats so you may well be able to format it for your Apple OS.


@john92024: but that would require me to buy some sucky apple piece of crap. NO THANKS!


@whoster69: Oh, but the term "piece of crap" is the basis for the term "PC." EVERY Apple owner/user knows that. Obviously, you don't! Good luck with your "Pee-Cee."


@fisherhaus: Really? You guys are going to start a PC vs. Mac war here? Nobody ever wins those... you can't convince a PC person that Macs are better, and you can't convince Mac people that PCs are better.

Of course, PC's are better...


Eh, we all really should be using linux. But Final Cut Pro is stuck on mac, and the windows has the largest game support.


Looks to be expired. Bummer.