dealsmortal kombat for playstation vita for $19.99


A great port of the console version and a really good deal for any Vita owners who are fans of MK or fighting genre games.


Anyone actually buy a Vita? I think there's a bigger install base of Sega Saturn.


I bought a Vita about a month ago. I'm looking forward to them getting the whole Remote Play piece going full tilt. When I spoke to a representative from the company last week though they were saying that they might not fully implement this until the "PS4" . . . I sure hope not, I don't think that the Vita will survive that long without full remote play or good and a vast assortment of games. I really do like the console, Rayman Origins is awesome on it and the screen is beautiful. I just wish that there were more games for it.


@xavier: at this point, about 2 million units have been sold world wide (The Saturn, 17 years old, sold about 10 million units worldwide).

I have a hard time believing that of those 10 million Saturns, that 20% of them are still actively being used ( my Saturn has not been powered on in ages).