dealspremium tree bungalow for cats for $79.98 + freeā€¦


My friends have this cat tree and their cat loves it. It seems like a fairly sturdy tree to me and I would get my cats one but I don't know where I'd put it and they are already too spoiled, heh.


I have a larger variation they seem to no longer sell. these fit well into corners and can take up surprisingly little space. I got mine for $160 so apparently they've gone up quite a bit in price in the last couple years.

The boxes and platforms are covered in a material that feels like suede but is much thicker. It's straight fiber only, and is impossible to claw, which makes it durable but less fun for the cats. The vertical posts are wound sisal and that can be used as a scratching post, but there's nowhere to climb to, which is unfortunate.

I've added to mine by winding 5/8" sisal around a 5' forked branch that was stripped of its bark whose branches intermingle with the platforms and make an excellent climb and scratching post and perfectly complement the platforms.

The top platforms are a bit on the small side for my cats, they spill over the edges a bit but don't seem to mind much. The only durability problem I've ran into is the felt cover on one platform needed gluing