dealslimited edition "rogue leader" shirt for $10.00


Whoa, amazing details. Nicely done.


This is the epitome of win!


Horrible website. 4 browsers and a dozen attempts later, the form is still reseting every time I try to move from Address to Payment Options. If you can't get your website to work in Internet Exploder, you need some help...


@qelderhell: Not sure what browsers you've tried. I've used Shirtpunch on Firefox with success many, many times. I expect you've got a settings issue, perhaps with cookies or something?


@qelderhell: No issues with Firefox or Chrome. Took a look at the code on the page and pretty much everything is run with javascript. You're probably experiencing caching or form load errors, either dump your local Java cache and try it or remove and reinstall Java then try it again.


Isn't the leader x-wing supposed to just have 1 stripe on its wing? This looks like Luke's Red 5.