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Limit of TWELVE tacos per customer???

I'll starve to death!


It also looks like you can make this an even better deal through the Promo Tab coupons:

You can score either 2 FREE chicken soft tacos if you join their e-club, or 1 FREE Nacho Crunch Burrito with any purchase for liking them on Facebook. Or maybe you can use both, for 3 free tacos.

It's like a taco bonanza!


Pity there are no Del Taco restaurants anywhere near the Atlanta suburb where I live. They all went out of business years ago.


Sounds delicious - too bad there are none in MN...


Your timing is impeccable! I'm just about to roll out for lunch and was wondering where to go. And now I know!


Awww man, I love Del Taco, but there are none within 1000 miles of me. I wonder how much shipping is... ?


While this is a good deal, the regular tacos (soft or hard) are 3/$1.09 on Tuesdays, at least in my area of SoCal. So while, yes, 29 cents is good, 37 cents isn't so bad either, plus there's no limit to the Tuesday deal.


I loved Del Taco growing up in southern California. Now, I live in Nebraska compliments of the military and no Del Taco.


I like most of what Del Taco offers, but their ground beef is immensely bland and tasteless. You need to smother it with Del Scorcho just so you taste anything. Chicken soft tacos are delightful here.