dealssecure sleeves for id & payment cards ( idsh1003…


Or just hit the RFID chip part of the card with a hammer a couple times — no more RFID.


@robio: I would suggest looking up RFID before commenting. RFID tags in credit cards are in the plastic so unless you completely destroy the card it will still be readable. You are thinking of the gold chips that they are adding to credit cards and IDs that are turning them into Smart Cards which requires a reader to have physical contact with the gold chips. These sleeves meet the FIPS 201 requirement set by NIST for shielding the cards from RFID signals.


Oooo, tin foil hats for my cards. nifty!


I always tell the bank to send me cards without the RFID and they bank is always so confused as to why. All that data is there open to anyone with a device to scan it without any encryption.

Plus I hardly ever see where people are actually using them and most retails that even have the equipment it never works.


Maybe i'm wrong, but aren't these sleeves just lined with the same metalized plastic as those anti-static envelopes that parts come in?


Aluminum foil or metalized plastic will work just fine.


Two schools of thought:

1) I don't want an RFID chip because someone (big sis) could gather info about me without my permission. If you took part in a protest, through RFID, the Gov't could easily identify who was in the march. On the other hand, if you were rioting in the streets because the lakers just won a championship, Big Sis could ID who the troublemakers were.

2) Although I am weary of the Feds or local gov't knowing where I am or what I am doing, I am ok with it as long as it's just my name and address. If they are tapping into my bank account or medical issues or anything else of personal nature, then I would have a problem with it. Then again, I have nothing to hide.

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