dealstesla rules edison drools t-shirt for $6.00


Why Nikola Tesla is the Greatest Geek who ever lived:


I think it's well past time for this "Edison sucks" trend to die. He accomplished several great things that had nothing to do with Tesla.


anybody know how much is shipping?


@onomea: as stated above, shipping is only $2.


@onomea: Yes. It's at the bottom of the OP.
Perhaps it's time to cut off the eggnog :-)
It's $2 btw. Merry Merry


Is it really a "deal" if it's not discounted at all?


shipping came up as $ breaker!


@hot72chev: The Oatmeal is probably as valid a source of historical information as the Chive.


If you find a better source, I'll forever be in your debt. Oh, you did? No, I'm not really in your debt forever. You just don't understand rhetoric.

Tesla was brilliant, but WOW was he crazy. Only eating things of which he could measure the volume, plotting the death of all insects and rodents on earth, etc. He claimed to be in contact with Venus.


@subtlestang and @diryde: Shipping is $2 on the day that this is the featured t-shirt. As I noted in the post, I usually get an email with a coupon code for free shipping that day only, but I couldn't find the email in the overflowing inbox (I fell waaaay behind over the holidays).