deals4 hour sale! sto-away universal utility tool…


bought 2 .. are these any good?


@finzup: I'm going to pass on these. You've got to run the handle of whatever implement of horticultural destruction you are using all the way in or out of both of those in order to lock it in and that looks space prohibitive and effort excessive. I found some where your handles snap in like clothes pins and they work great!


@soonerdude55: You would actually want to put them in handle end up instead of what the picture shows. I've never heard of this company though and their site says "beta" so I'm not giving them my CC info.


i have something similar, and it works quite well. the non slip rubber holds the tool so it can go in either way. haha, that just sounds funny. anyway, it will work, but i don't know anything about this co.


I snagged one.

Never heard of the company, but they accept PayPal, and I've never encountered any problems with PayPal. And for five bucks, I figured it might help me to become that organized person that I strive to occasionally be. Or not.


@colbytitus: I've been ordering from them for at least 2 years, maybe more. There was a name change not so long ago. Someone made an unfortunate choice for a name. It used to be Jizbee. Finally after way too long someone figured it out and made what I consider to be a good decision and changed it to Dizbee.

But again to your point. I can't personally guarantee that you won't get ripped off. But they've always treated me right and the customer service is decent. I'd order from them as fast as I'd order from Woot.

No worries.


I like the one about how "the non-slip rubber lets it go in both ways".


Back to $12.00. Must be related to Amazon.