dealsasus ml239h 23" backlit lcd monitor for $209.99


Ooh! Backlit? I'll finally be able to use my computer in the dark!



But I'll be looking at the front!


Sweet, I can finally check my email without this stupid miners cap.


I have one of these and I kinda regret buying it. I bought it to replace a monitor with a loud buzz, and I'm glad this one is quiet. The viewing angle is the worst and the color changes from the top to the bottom of the screen regardless of angle. It's not noticeable in most situations like browsing the internet, but movies/games are disappointing. The gama levels are off and I've tried adjusting everything, but there was only marginal improvement. I would recommend spending a little money on something decent. You get what you pay for in displays.


They have the 21 inch LED, Full HD one for $159 with a $10 rebate (So it's $149). Free shipping. Highly recommend that. I use it and it's beautiful!


Gah, I'm tempted as I could use a display with accurate color. Wish I had more money to throw around.

@donkeykongjr: This is an IPS display, it's not optimized for games. Viewing angle is going to be poorer. Also, did you calibrate it?

PS: It appears that this may be the same panel as the Dell U2311H, which is an excellent budget IPS monitor.


@shinespark: As I stated before: I spent some time adjusting the settings (calibrating) with marginal improvement. Obviously this is not a gaming monitor, it's $200. I didn't expect perfection.I'm simply stating my experience with the monitor.


$180, same brand, same contrast. Although I see that this newer one has a better view angle (@donkeykongjr: do you have the older one?).


@donkeykongjr: I meant calibrate with a piece of equipment, at the very least a Spyder.